The Processing Sector

Supply and Disposition of Dairy Products

AIMIS supply and disposition reports are under review, the data used to generate these reports are available on the Statistics Canada website. (links are below)

Supply and disposition of milk products in Canada Table: 32-10-0109-01 (formerly CANSIM 003-0007)
Table: 32-10-0109-01 is updated monthly and eight dairy products are available in this table: butter, cheddar cheese, processed cheese, other cheese, concentrated whole milk, sweetened concentrated milk, skim milk powder, and partly skimmed concentrated milk 2%.
Supply and disposition of food in Canada Table: 32-10-0053-01 (formerly CANSIM 002-0010)
Table: 32-10-0053-01 is updated annually and includes more than 25 dairy products.