The processing sector

Welcome to the "Agricultural Industry Market Information System" (AIMIS) database. This section houses reports on manufacturing of dairy products, sales of fluid milk and cream, value of manufactured shipments along with other reports with manufacturing information in various formats.

Overview of Canada's manufactured shipments - 2018

Graph: Value of manufactured shipments

Source: Statistics Canada

The table below represents the data to produce the graph above

Value of manufactured shipments

Value of manufactured shipments
Dairy products 12.8
Beverages 10.0
Meat 18.4
Poultry 7.0
Fruits and vegetables 6.8
Bakery 9.6
Seafood product preperation 4.5
Grains and oilseeds 9.5
Others 21.3

For customized reports, please utilize the AIMIS database links provided below:

AIMIS - Sales & manufacturing of dairy products

Sales of fluid milk and cream

Reports displays volumes of fluid milk or cream sales within Canada for a selected region and product in calendar and dairy years.
Source: Statistics Canada

D050A Sales of fluid milk and cream - calendar year
D050C Sales of fluid milk and cream - dairy year

Manufacturing of dairy products

Reports displays volumes of dairy product manufacturing in Canada by product in calendar and dairy years.
Source: Statistics Canada

D050B Manufacturing of dairy products - calendar year
D050D Manufacturing of dairy products - dairy year

Manufactured shipments

Reports displays manufactured shipments in Canada of food and beverages, by value and major product groupings, for the last 5 years.
Source: Statistics Canada

MI003 Manufactured shipments

World production

Reports displays the world production by products in selected countries.
Source: Statistics Canada and International Dairy Federation

DP002C World production of fluid milk
DP002D World production of dairy products

Other reports with manufacturing information

Cheese production

Reports displays the production of cheese by variety and by province in thousands of kilogram.
Source: Statistics Canada

Cheese by variety for Canada
Cheese production by province

If you are unable to access files, please contact the Canadian Dairy Information Centre to request an alternative format.