Farming revenue and expenses

This section houses reports on farming revenues and expenses in various formats.

Graph-Canadian farm cash receipts from dairying

Source: Statistics Canada

The table below represents the data to produce the graph above
Dairy cash receipts by province
Province %
British Columbia 9.8
Alberta 9.3
Saskatchewan 3.3
Manitoba 4.5
Ontario 31.8
Quebec 35.6
New Brunswick 1.7
Nova Scotia 2.1
Prince Edward Island 1.3
NewFoundland and Labrador 0.7

For customized reports, please utilize the links provided below:

Canadian farm cash receipts

Report displays Canadian farm cash receipts in million of dollars, for the last 10 years.
Source: Statistics Canada

MI011 - Canadian farm cash receipts from dairying
MI012 - Canadian farm cash receipts from farming operations


Farm input prices index

Report displays the canadian farm input prices, for the last 5 years.
Source: Statistics Canada

MI010 - Canadian farm input prices index


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